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Hormone Optimization Therapy in Jackson, Ohio


Hormone optimization therapy (HOT)

Hormone optimization offers a method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) using topical and/ or oral preparation. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a way to bioidentically replace the hormones men and women lose over the course of their lives. We use bioidentical hormone therapy to balance hormones in a way that helps patients reclaim their health. Hormone optimization patients have reported improvement in energy levels, strength, weight loss, better moods, memory, mental clarity, restored libido, feeling younger and healthier.

The goal of hormone optimization is to assess whether hormone levels in the body are below their optimal threshold and, if so, to treat this by developing a plan to improve hormone function. If your body is simply not producing the hormones as it should, HOT could be an option.

Many men find that hormone optimization is sometimes helpful when they try to work out in middle age or older, as their bodies no longer produce the same level of testosterone as they did when they were younger men.